FFD Data visualization
FFD Data Visualization

As a collaboration with dotdotdot and Andrej Boleslavský, I took part in concept design, graphics design and software development for a video-projected wall inside Future Food District in World Expo, Milan

The visualization is projected on an immersive wall installed inside a 7000 sq. m. thematic pavilion "Future Food District" designed by Carlo Ratti Assiociati, together with supermarket chain COOP Italia. The pavilion is a real supermarket where people can buy and interact with the products.

Through sensors and touch screens placed on every shelves, a system is aware of visitors' presence when approach to each product. The information flow is then collected, processed and visualized in real-time.

View from outside the pavilion

Short video edit of the visualization

The dataviz viewed from inside the store

The dataviz viewed from inside the store

Each interaction of visitors in the store is captured by camera sensors and touch screens. When a product is touched or indicated, the information is then sent to the system.
The visualization displays a story of each product, divided in 3 sections : Origins, interactions and Sales. Each sections are connected graphically with lines to represent the flows between its originate, location in store and sales statistics.
In time, it gradually switches between sections to show deeper informations.

Situation 1 : Minimized
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both three sections are minimized and equally shown.

a global map shows where the product-s ingredients are from

a map shows where the product is located in the store

top ten sales in each day

Situation 2 : Origins

a specific origins are shown, together with its other exported ingredients.

Situation 3 : Interaction

Situation 4 : Sales

Weekly sales is graphically shown

Situation 5 : Standby

particles graphics form Coop logo


architectural and interior design: carlo ratti associati
interaction design: avanade, dotdotdot
system integration: accenture