Future-telling | Exhibition Design

July 2013 - Jan 2014,
Trento, Italy

"Can we imagine a world without hands ?"
is the question made to introduce the exhibition "The Hand - limb, art, artefact" held at Muse Science Museum, Trento, Italy.

I picked scenes from famous sci-fi movies to tell us future scenes of interaction between human and machine using voice control technology.

In the installation, 5 monitors laid on the table provoke visitors to touch them only to find out what is then shown on the monitors "Don't touch me, tell me".

Through microphones installed on the table surface, visitors activate the monitor by pronouncing keywords written on the screen.
Each keyword leads to a scene of selected movies which tried to predict our future of using voice control.

Role : Concept, Interaction design, Programming

Project layout and interactive exhibits by:

Francesco Giunta

Keyword animations are shown when the screen is inactive.

Future-telling Font animation from jib on Vimeo.

Photos taken from the exhibition

Screen shots of all 5 monitors