Homosapiens | Exhibition Design

November 2011, Rome, Italy
September 2012, Trento, Italy

Like what it said on the HomoSapiens page "an exceptional international exhibition telling us where we came from and how we managed to populate the entire planet", the exhibition is full with stories.
It was not an easy job to design a content-immense installation which is also not boring to experience.
As a commission and art direction by dotdotdot, I have a chance to take part in designing concept for 3 installations in this exhibition.

La passeggiata di Laetoli

This installation is the first room at the entrance of the exhibition. Once entered, you can feel immersed in the whole video-projected ambient which tells the story of the first human walks are discovered in Laetoli.
Role : Concept

Parente di una banana sarai tu !?

a multi-user interactive installation that tells how you and other species are alike, showing your percentage of DNA in common. This installation is very attractive to children, as there are luminous pedals on the floor with symbols of animals. Users have to step on it then the video projection above their head will move and create an exceptional experience.
I took part in both concept design and programming.
sound : Suite Sound Design
Role : Concept, Interaction design, Programming

Il mondo in un giorno

this interactive installation tells the stories of varied everyday-used objects. once the visitor drags the sliding monitor aside, the graphics on the screen tells short stories of the object's originate.
In this installation I took part in concept design and graphics design.
Role : Concept, Graphics design